Paper Chairs

Our desire for sustainable production and recycling has led to some interesting developments in the use of paper and cardboard. Here are  four examples of how designers have experimented with this material.


 Jeroen Wand Paper Chair – Starting with paper only 160 grammes thick the chair is constructed by layering 30 laminated sheets together in 8 different moulds. Each chair takes 25 hours to construct and is a limited edition of 25.


 David Graas Finish Your Self junior – A chair and a puzzle in one. You pop the pieces out of the packaging then watch as your child spends ages trying to fit it together, actually it doesn’t look that hard to do and a 3 year old could probably do it quicker than you; but then they’re good at that kinda thing. Its also 100% recyclable for when they’ve grown out of it. Heres a link to David’s website, the Don’t Spill Your Coffee Table looks like more a challenge if you’re into puzzles.






Oki Sato – Cabbage Chair:  Fashion designer Issey Miyake challenged design agency Nendo to produce a chair out of the waste paper left over from producing his Pleats Please clothing range. Oki’s solution was simple, take a pair of scissors, cut each layer and fold down. The paper is impregnated with resin adding to the stability of the chair; the pleats give a springy elasticity or gently cushioning effect as you sit down.

Originally exhibited at the XXIst Century Man exhibition held at Tokyo’s 21_21 Design Sight Gallery (curated by Miyake) the chair has been selected for the MOMA collection.


Frank Gehry Wiggle Chair- The grandaddy of the paper and card chairs; originally made in the 60′s the chair has been reproduced by Vitra. Created using 60 layers of corrugated cardboard the chair is held together by hidden screws and has laquered hardboard edges.

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